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Nowadays, with the huge advances in medical technology that we’ve had in just the past few decades, HIV is becoming much less destructive. If you find that you are HIV positive, it certainly isn’t anything to brag about, but it’s also something that you can live with and it doesn’t have to interfere with your life. Though one can certainly spread HIV when engaging in risky sex practices, the virus is not highly contagious when one uses proper protection, and it’s not really the terrifying menace that it once was in the 80’s before doctors knew how to manage the infection.

If only societal norms could advance as quickly as science! Unfortunately, people still carry around a lot of ignorance concerning this virus, so you might have a harder time dating than most other people do. Your prospects may blow up the risk of infection in their minds and may lose interest after you disclose your status.

Because of this, it might be easier to simply try your luck with HIV dating. If you specifically target other people who already have HIV, you won’t need to worry so much about the stigma and ignorance because your prospective dates will have the virus themselves! Of course, just because someone is also positive doesn’t mean that they are immune to being judgmental, but at least it allows you to relax a little bit because you know that you won’t be risking infecting someone else. You might also find that sharing something like this in common allows you to bond on a deep level that you may not be able to share with someone who is HIV negative.

HIV singles! So what should you look for in an HIV positive dating site? Well, that really depends, but the thing that you’re going to want above anything else is a large dating pool. Dating is a numbers game, and without enough prospects, you have less of chance of finding the one for you. Here are a few websites that you might want to try:

HIV Dating Sites

This is one the best anonymous hiv dating websites in the world, catering to people with all kinds of STD’s as well. Because of this, your pool of potential dates will be pretty large. There’s also…

HIV dating

This is an HIV dating website made specifically for HIV singles. You can make friends here as well as lovers.

So as you can see, being HIV positive does not mean that you have to say goodbye to your dating life. Make things easier on yourself and visit an HIV dating website to meet other people in your same situation. With enough time and patience, you will likely find HIV positive singles who are looking for single with HIV.

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