Herpes Support Groups

Herpes Support Groups

Herpes support groups have been rising in popularity. In major cities throughout the US and Canada, many individuals are using these groups to make friends and find comfort.

These groups are often called “HELP” groups and require a little searching on your part. Sometimes these groups are referred to as “friends” groups. You can find them on sites like Facebook, MeetUp.com and more.

Some local groups meet in secret through private Facebook groups. You often have to know someone in the group to get invited to one of these groups. Luckily, we have gathered a number of these groups for you to look into.

Most official herpes support groups require affiliation from the ASHA, or American Social Health Association. These official groups are often easier to find due to the affiliation and a great place to start your support search.

Privacy Tips for Herpes Support Groups

Before you get too involved in a herpes support group, you need to understand some privacy issues. This is especially true when connecting the online world with the real world.

So before you meet up with a group, you’ll need to do a few things. For example:

  • Create a Burner Email: Use an email that’s not connected to your real life or name in any which way before you start signing up for anything related to these groups, Don’t make an email that could be connected to you.
  • Use This Email Only: Then you’ll want to use this email ONLY for all activities related to herpes and your support group. Stay consistent and don’t ever use a different email when interacting.
  • Social Media Safety: Do not accept friend requests from people in your social media groups unless you have met these people in person. This is part of online safety 101. Most people in these groups are good people, but there is often one bad apple out there.

Amazing Groups

The national herpes support groups you’ll find below are amazing. Some cities have even better groups for their area. Here are a few of the best groups individuals suffering can join:

Herpes Support Groups Bay Area

In the Bay Area, there is a group called, Bay Area Friends. The group has been around since 1998 and features over 2,000 members from every walk of life. Many in the Bat Area have found great benefit from this group.

Bay Area Friends (BAF) Meetup Group – San Francisco Bay Area – nearly 2000 members of all backgrounds and preferences (number includes members of BAF’s original Yahoo Group, which is being phased out).  Bay Area Friends has been around since 1998.

Bay Area Friends (BAF) Public Website – San Francisco Bay Area – Information site only.

SF Bay Area Gay Men with Herpes Yahoo Group – San Francisco Bay Area – not very active, so also join Bay Area Friends on Meetup.

Bay Area Lesbians with Herpes – San Francisco Bay Area – not very active, so also join Bay Area Friends on Meetup.


Herpes Support Groups NYC

With a giant population, the herpes dating and support scene thrives in NYC. The best groups we’ve found in the big apple are on Yahoo.com and Meetup.com. You’ll find them listed below.

Herpes New York – Living with herpes
From their Website:
Welcome to Herpes New York. A place for people with herpes (HSV) and HPV to meet and greet, connect and get support. Make new NYC friends and NY State friends! Get out and have some fun with us! Or stay home and chat with us online. We will keep you up to date on events and support group meetings in and around New York State. YOU ARE NOT ALONE…

Herpes Information New York
From their Website:
Herpes Information New York ——> HINY – A clearing house of information on social gatherings and support groups in the New York City area. This list is open to anyone with HSV or HPV who wants to be a part of the NYC Herpes community and stay informed about herpes social events, gatherings, and herpes support groups in the NY metro area and beyond

Buffalo and Western New York H Friends
From their Website:
Diagnosed/living with oral or Genital Herpes or HPV? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We invite you to join Buffalo Herpes Friends for friendship and support. There IS life after herpes and hpv! Many of us are from Western NY and surrounding areas.

NYC Friends
From their Website:
WELCOME TO NYCFriendsII. We are a group of volunteers who set up social events in the NYC area for people with “H” and offer each other support and friendship.

Hudson Valley Friends
From their Website:
We are a social group based in the Hudson Valley area of New York State for members of the “HSV” (Herpes Simplex Virus) community. Since herpes does not discriminate and neither do we, we are a very diverse group of people of all ages. We’re especially welcoming to folks who are new to this situation and new to the group.

People of Color (POC) New York

From their Website:
Hello and welcome to People of Color North Carolina!
We are here to offer some social venues, support, medical updates, a venting ground and emotional hugs when needed.

For Herpes dating New York, we have another post named Herpes Dating USA. On Herpes Dating USA, we list several Herpes Dating site in New York, Florida and California.

Herpes Support Groups Atlanta

Another great group is found in Georgia. Named the Atlanta H Club Yahoo Group, but to find it you’ll have to get in touch with someone who knows the secret Facebook group.

Atlanta Area HSV or HPV
Atlanta Area HSV or HPV is a Restricted Group with 2786 members.
From their Website:
Welcome to the Yahoo Health group of the ATLANTA H CLUB, a metro Atlanta social group & support club for adults with Herpes types I or II, or HPV. Membership is free but you must join the yahoo group in order to read/respond on our lively message board.
People of Color Atlanta
People of Color Atlanta is a Restricted Group with 644 members.
From their Website:
We are a social group based in the Atlanta area for those who have HSV-I, HSV-II or HPV. People of Color Atlanta does not discriminate based on race or any other factor but you must be living with HSV I or II or HPV to be a member.


Herpes Support Groups Los Angeles

Another thriving herpes scene, you’ll want to start by getting in touch with the LA HELP group. From there, you can branch out and get involved with the secret communities and more.

Herpes support group Houston

Welcome to Houston H Friends

From their website:
Our group is for people with HSV (Herpes) and HPV seeking support and friendship, this site is intended to help keep people informed of upcoming events and resources in the Houston Metropolitan Area.

“I have herpes….someone told me about Houston HELP”

From their website:
The Houston HELP group is dedicated to helping all people living and dealing with Herpes (HSV) in and around the Houston Area. We meet monthly and have discussions on a wide range of topics such as emotions, relationships, physical aspects and anything else our members need more information or support on.


NEW !!!! Meet up Group for Houston Friends

From their website:
Welcome Houston H friends! There are a 437737 reasons to join us!
This Meetup group is primarily focused around communicating social events for people with Herpes aka HSV this group is intended to help keep people informed of upcoming events around the Houston Metropolitan Area. We also welcome those with HPV (some of us have both).


List of Herpes Support Groups

Below you’ll find a list of national herpes support groups and ones in your area:

herpes support groups San Diego

herpes support groups Oklahoma

herpes support groups Oregon

herpes support groups Chicago

herpes support groups Virginia

herpes support groups Florida

herpes support groups Houston

herpes support groups Tampa

herpes support groups Ohio

herpes support groups Michigan

herpes support groups Maryland

herpes support groups Los Angeles

herpes support groups Denver

herpes support groups San Francisco

herpes support groups Phoenix arizona

herpes support groups Toronto

herpes support groups Vancouver

herpes support groups Ontario


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