Herpes is a minor hurdle to quit dating

People with Herpes often give up on dating

It is often observed that people with herpes often give up on dating fearing rejection.  Or they think  they might transfer the virus to their partner. It is also seen that people infected by herpes hesitate to share details about their medical condition with any other person.

Medical experts believe that when a person hides details of his medical condition from his partner, he is risking the chances of transmission. On the other hand, the society looks down upon people having a sexually transmitted infection, which is turn demoralizes the concerned individual from finding a life companion.

Experts from the field of medical sciences believe that people need to be more educated about sexually transmitted infections. And also the people with Herpes need to learn about ways on how to curb their spreading. It is also said that the people with herpes can lead an absolutely normal life with a healthy person, provided he follows all the necessary precautions and takes regular medication as prescribed by a doctor.

People with Herpes

A casual approach to dating could lead to serious consequences and you might transfer the infection to your partner without having any clue about it. The Center for Disease control and prevention, based in the United States has numerous health care centers exclusively for peope with Herpes . Nevertheless, here are a few ways by which you can continue dating and have a perfectly normal relationship with your partner.

  • Do not keep your medical condition a mystery: Tell your partner that you have Herpes right at the initial stages of a relationship. Revealing this at a later stage or after you’ve had sex wouldn’t go in your favor. Alternatively, it is better to get onto an online herpes dating site and look for a like – minded companion.
  • Share everything you know about herpes: In case your partner doesn’t know about herpes, tell him everything you know about the condition and the kind of precaution that need to be followed.
  • Always use protection: Medical experts say that the best way to stop the transmission of herpes is to abstain from engaging in any sort of sexual activity. However, as this is a little difficult when you’re in a relationship, you can use condoms or mouth dams in order to contracting the infection.

While no person in the world would want to be infected with the Herpes Simplex Virus, it is unfortunate that some of them do. However, this doesn’t mark an end to your love life. By following the aforementioned guidelines, you can maintain a healthy relationship without the fear of spreading the virus.  If you are a singles, Positivesingles.com is a great Herpes Dating site for meeting people that you have something in common with.

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