Herpes Dating USA

STD Trends in the United States

About 79 million Americans are presently infected with STDs. Regarding 14 million people become newly infected herpes each year. STDs is so common that most sexually-active men and women will get at least one Type of STDs at some point in their lives.

Approximately 17% of people in the U.S. are suffering from STD, HSV-1 or HSV-2. Ages 14-49 have HV-2, and over 1 million individuals are living with HIV (with more than half of all new HIV cases occurring in MSM).

According to CDC, one in five gay/bisexual men in the 21 U.S. cities hardest hit by STD and nearly half don’t know it. 63% of the HIV-Positive men age 18-29 were unaware of their infection. About 360,000 people in the U.S. get genital warts each year. Over 10,000 women in the U.S. get cervical cancer each year.

Herpes Dating USA

On herpes dating USA, we list some online herpes sites and links about herpes dating and herpes support groups in the United States. You can find this page by searching: Herpes dating New York, Herpes support groups, herpes dating Florida, Herpes Dating Atlanta and so on.

Herpes Dating in New York

Herpes dating in New yorkHerpes dating in New York City is becoming a hot favorite, thanks to the convenience it offers. Statistics reveal that one in four persons in NYC has herpes. It also reveals that for every 2 men who are herpes positive, 5 women get infected. There are innumerable communities or herpes dating sites that aim to connect the people of New York who have herpes.

Some herpes dating websites such as PositiveSingles.com and Herpesdatingny.com have done wonders for people having herpes. However, there are a few sites that claim to deliver but eventually fail to do so.

Herpes Dating Sites in New York

#1: HerpesDatingNY.com is a popular local Herpes Dating Site for Herpes singles to meet positive singles in New York city.

#2: Positivesingles.com is the no.1 Herpes Dating Site and Support Site in New York

#3. herpesfish.net : Online Home for Herpes DatingEveryone with Herpes, HPV or other STDs can join us regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or gender. Without being objected here! Never feel lonely again!

More information you can check on Herpes Dating New York section on another review site.

Herpes Support Groups in New York:
Welcome to Herpes New York. A place for people with herpes (HSV) and HPV to meet and greet, connect and get support. Make new NYC friends and NY State friends!

Hudson Valley Friends
This is a social group based in the Hudson Valley area of New York State for members of the “HSV” (Herpes Simplex Virus) community.

NYC Friends
WELCOME TO NYCFriendsII. A group of volunteers who set up social events in the NYC area for people with “H” and offer each other support and friendship.

Upstate New York Friends  
This is the interactive hub for Upstate NY Friends.


Herpes dating Florida

According to the recent statistics issued by the health department of Florida, 20 percent of the population residing in Florida is infected with herpes. It has also been said that 40 percent of the people who have been diagnosed with herpes are men. Experts believe that women are at a greater risk of contracting herpes compared to their counterparts.

Although dating with herpes isn’t as easy as it appears, it certainly isn’t impossible either. Since the growth in the number of herpes cases, Herpes dating  Florida gained a lot of popularity. There are a number of herpes dating services available on the web that can help herpes singles to find an ideal and like-minded partner.

Due to the fear of rejection, many people with herpes now prefer herpes dating sites in order to find their match. The major advantage of joining one of these websites is that all members have an STD and are more competent to understand you. Herpes dating Websites like PositiveSingles.com and herpesdatingsite.ca have been lending extraordinary support to people with herpes.

#1Positivesingles.com Meet Herpes singles in Florida on the most popular herpes dating site!

Herpes dating florida

#2 Herpesfish.net

Herpes dating florida

These websites have not only promoted dating but also allowed members to know more about the sexually transmitted disease and its treatments. The sites have also thrown light on STD care locations so that users can pay a visit and get detailed information on dealing with herpes outbreaks.

Furthermore, people are no more skeptical about online dating as these sites employ stringent security norms and privacy settings, thereby instilling confidence among users to join the website and get the most out of the services it provides.

If you are living with Herpes and seeking herpes dating site in Canada, then you can check out another post named Herpes Dating Canada.  On Herpes Dating Canada, we list the two herpes dating sites in Canada: Positive Singles and Herpesdatingsite.ca


Herpes Support groups in Florida 

Florida H Club
The Florida Herpes Club is a site where you can talk with other people in similar situations about your particular situation.

North Florida H Friends
This site will be used as a message center for those living in the North Florida area.
Member participation is strongly encouraged and very much appreciated! Please try to make it to social activities!!

Southeast Florida H Social Club
PalmBeach_BrowardHClub is a social group for people with herpes who live in the South Florida area. We welcome everyone over 18 who is interested in making new friends, sharing interesting activities together, and meeting others who share our unique situation.

Tampa Bay H Club
The Tampa Bay H Club is a social club for those with Herpes or HPV in and around the Tampa Bay area.


Herpes Dating California

STDs In California On The Rise

Genital herpes infections are more common among African Americans (45.9%) than among White Caucasians (17.6%).

About 1 in 5 people in the United States over the age of 12 (approximately 45 million individuals) are infected with HSV-2, the virus that causes genital herpes. 85% of people with genital herpes don’t know they have it.

Across all races, chlamydia affected the highest number of people in California, with about 164,000 cases reported in 2011

There were 27,000 gonorrhea cases in California in 2011. Gonorrhea rates were higher — sometimes twice as high — for men than for women (except for Native Americans) because of men having sex with men and because women with gonorrhea often don’t have symptoms.

Positivesingles.com is the Best Herpes dating site in North California, South California, if you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Orange, San Bernardino, Long Beach, Oakland, Ontario, please  check it out.

herpes dating california


More information about herpes dating California you can check it out on: herpes dating California

Herpes Support Groups in California

Orange County Friends
Orange County Friends is a social group for people with herpes.

Sacramento Friends
Hello and welcome to our Sacramento Friends social group for people living with herpes. Our members live in and around the Sacramento area and stretch as far as the Bay Area.

San Diego Friends (SDFriends)
San Diego Friends (SDFriends) is a social group for people with herpes who live in the San Diego area.

Southern California Friends
Welcome to Southern California Friends, the social group for people with herpes!We have regularly scheduled social activities, trips and other events which provide the opportunity for socializing, making new friends, meeting others with herpes, and having fun in a supportive and relaxed atmosphere.

Central Cali H Friends

From their Website:
Welcome to Central Cali H Friends (CCHF)! Originally designed to support the first Herpes Social Group in Fresno, California, this site has since expanded into a central location for herpes information covering all of Central California.

Socials All Over Southern California

From their Website:
Where meeting people is our goal no more being alone!WE DO FUN & FRIENDLY HERPES SOCIALS ALL OVER SOUTHERN CA.Singles, couples, gay, straight & anyone who wants to be social & is dealing with Herpes. This is a social site for people with Herpes. You must have herpes to belong to this meetup.

Herpes Dating Georgia

Georgia Basic Information

Population: 10.1 million (2014)
Population Rank: 8th
State Capitol: Atlanta
Largest Cities: Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Macon, Roswell, Albany, Marietta, Warner, Robins

Herpes Dating Atlanta

Atlanta’s population rose to more than 5.7 million residents last year. The Atlanta area remained the ninth-largest metropolitan statistical area in the country.

According to the 2010 Census, the racial makeup of Atlanta was as follows:

Black or African American: 54%
White: 38.4%
Asian: 3.1%
Native American: 0.2%
Other race: 2.2%
Two or more races: 2.0%
Hispanic of any race: 5.2%

Atlanta is also home to one of the highest LGBT populations per capita, which is third among major US cities behind San Francisco and Seattle. 12.8% of Atlanta’s city population is gay, lesbian or bisexual.

Only 5 percent of the 915 Atlanta-area patients had a history of genital herpes, which can be asymptomatic. Atlanta had the highest rate of infection of the six cities in the survey, and a higher rate than the national average of about 25 percent.

A recent study showed that more than one-third of participants surveyed in suburban Atlanta tested positive for the virus that causes genital herpes. According to a recent report, Atlanta ranked No. 1 city for new HIV/AIDS cases in 2015.

Georgia Herpes Dating sites | Herpes Dating Atlanta

Positivesingles.com is the Best Herpes dating site in Georgia, if you live in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Macon, Roswell, Albany, Marietta, Warner, Robins, please check it out.

herpes dating california


More information about Herpes dating Atlanta you can get it on another page: Local Herpes dating Atlanta 

Georgia Herpes Support Groups | Atlanta Herpes Support Groups 

Phone: 770-463-8605
Price: Free
Atlanta Area HSV or HPV
From their site:
Welcome to the Yahoo Health group of the ATLANTA H CLUB, a metro Atlanta social group & support club for adults with Herpes types I or II, or HPV.

People of Color Atlanta:
From their site:
We are a social group based in the Atlanta area for those who have HSV-I, HSV-II or HPV. People of Color Atlanta does not discriminate based on race or any other factor but you must be living with HSV I or II or HPV to be a member.

To get more Herpes support groups. please check another page named Herpes Support Groups . On Herpes Support Groups page, we list the most herpes support groups in the cities. You can get the herpes support groups in your city.

Herpes dating sites Los Angeles

LA HELP Support Group – Los Angeles

Living with herpes isn’t easy. Southern California HELP Group is here to provide you the tools and support necessary to overcome this situation. LA\OC HELP is the Los Angeles and Orange County chapters of the Herpes Resource Center

San Diego Herpes Support Groups | San Diego Herpes Dating

San Diego City HELP

From their Website:

San Diego City HELP is a confidential, non-profit self-help support group for people with herpes (HSV) or human papillomavirus (HPV) and their partners. We meet on the first and third Thursday of each month, at 7:30 pm, in the Administrative Conference Room of UCSD Medical Center at 200 W. Arbor Drive, San Diego 92103. We offer emotional support and reliable medical information. We welcome your participation, constructive criticism and ideas.

San Diego Friends (SDFriends)

From their Website:

San Diego Friends (SDFriends) is a social group for people with herpes who live in the San Diego area. We welcome everyone over 18 who is interested in making new friends, sharing interesting activities together, and meeting others who share our unique situation. SDFriends is not a dating service or personal introduction service. Instead, we plan social events and activities to allow you, the members, to meet one another in a supportive, relaxed atmosphere. It’s really mostly just about making new friends and having fun together. Our events take place at both private homes and public locations, so even new people will find a setting in which they feel comfortable.

SD Friends Meetup Group

From their Website:

This group is my effort to pickup where the moderator of the yahoo group left off. It looked like there were some problems using yahoo groups to schedule events and keep things organized so I have decided to move it over to meetup.com. SD Friends is intended for San Diegans that have herpes. This is a social group to meet other cool people in San Diego going through the same thing. I’ll try and make the events diverse so that as many people can participate in the group as possible. Anyone who is interested in helping organize events, has ideas for events, suggestions, comments, etc… please feel free to send me an email.

San Diego Herpes Dating

Are you newly diagnosed as a sufferer of herpes? Join the club! Herpes dating San Diego can seem difficult at first, but with a few changes in mindset, you’ll find that you can have fun just like anyone else.




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