Does Herpes Make You Undesirable in the Dating World? Not Always, Especially if You Take a Herpes Treatment

Does Herpes Make You Undesirable in the Dating World? Not Always, Especially if You Take a Herpes Treatment

herpes treatmentWhen first getting an official diagnosis after seeking herpes treatment, a common first thought that people have is that no one will love them. While it’s normal to feel defeated and dramatic at a time like this, the truth is that even people who suffer from herpes can still have a perfectly normal romantic life.

Herpes doesn’t have to ruin your life. There are many options available to reduce the symptoms, and with the right herpes treatment, you can live more or less like anyone else. While it’s always important to be cautious, medications can go a long way in preventing the spread. Every day, more and more people realize this and are opening up to the idea of dating people who have herpes.

Viewed in the right context, herpes doesn’t have to be a big deal. Unlike other STD’s, it isn’t deadly, and taking anti-virals can greatly reduce the possibility of spreading it. Is there still stigma surrounding this infection? Well, yes, of course. There probably always will be some kind of stigma as long as people are ignorant and judgmental of sexually-acquired diseases in particular. Human irrationality is not something that you can fix overnight, though.

herpes treatmentMore importantly, you need to value yourself first and avoid looking at yourself through the lens of other people’s ignorant opinions. Every human being is worthy of love, and of course the term “undesirable” is relative. There are probably many things that you would find undesirable in a partner, and this merely signifies that there is a lack of compatibility—it doesn’t mean that the person you’re not attracted to is worthless.

Similarly, try not to take it to heart if people don’t want to date you because you have herpes. It may be painful to have to deal with that sort of rejection, but it’s much better to accept it than to try to spend all of your time fighting it. Just take your herpes treatment and focus your efforts on partners who are willing to love you for you.

One way to find potential dates like this is by visiting This is a place where attractive people of all kinds can come together, united by the fact that they have herpes. Avoid the hassle of having to “come out” to your prospective partners all the time, and just date people who already have the virus. This is probably the best way to avoid the awkwardness of dating with herpes.

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