Distance is a huge issue for online dating

Most people want to date locally, which will give them the chance to spend a lot of quality time with someone. And physical touching (not just sex) plays an important role in a relationship and without that it can be harder to prosper. Some people can overcome that but the majority can’t.

The main reason people don’t want to consider long distance dating, is because of the many variables that are involved. A lot of people have nice homes, stable careers in their currently cities currently. And they may have all of their family, lifelong friends right there with them too. In a word, they are well established in their lives in their cities. So most of these people don’t know if they would be willing to move to another place where many aspects are not certain. The time they will spend together is not always realistic.  LDR is really a challenge for most of the people.

Love makes the distance that much shorter, so just don’t lose faith.

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